Exclusive Guide To Nykaa Affiliate Program With Simple Steps

Nykaa Affiliate Program is basically an agreement in which its affiliates gets paid for sending traffic or customers in their way. Nykaa is an ecommerce store for top fashion, beauty and skin care brands. Its an one stop solution for all your fashion fantasies with promising quality.

So if you have time and are ready to give your commitment, lets go make some money.

What is Nykaa Affiliate Program?
What is the criteria of being an Nykaa affiliate?
How to join this affiliate program?
How much can we earn using Nykaa affiliate program?
What are Nykaa Affiliate program terms and conditions?

Here is everything you need to know about Nykaa Affiliate Program.

What is Nykaa Affiliate Program?

Nykaa Affiliate Program (NAP) is an affiliate program run by Nykaa which gives an oppurtunity for all the influencers or other external sources to promote their products to the audience and drive traffic to Nykaa. Nykaa Affiliates will be getting paid every time a purchase is made using their affiliate link.

What is the criteria of being an Nykaa affiliate?

You need to have a platform where you can promote the products. A social media page or a website or a blog page.

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How to join Nykaa affiliate program?

Nykaa affiliate marketing program website : https://affiliate.nykaa.com/

Step : 1 When you are on the above page mentioned you get an option “Join Now For Free” Click on it.

Nykaa affiliate profile

Step : 2 Fill in all the general details like your name, date of birth, email, password , contact number and address

Nykaa affiliate profile

Step : 3 Now you get two options regarding their store that you wish to promote. Here you can select whatever you want to. Then, enter your social media profile urls where you are going to be promoting them. You need to have an Instagram and Youtube url mandatorily.

Nykaa affiliate profile

Step : 4 Enter all your payment information without any mistakes. you need to have a valid a bank account and pan card.

Nykaa affiliate profile

Now, You will be getting an email within 2 weeks with approval and access to a dashboard where you get to choose the products widgets , check your performance and also manage your account.

How much can we earn using Nykaa affiliate program?

You earn about 7.50% – 9.00% per sale. The higher the purchase, the more money you earn.


So guys this is the process. Now do not waste any more of your time. Become a Nykaa affiliate and Start earning.
If you are already an affiliate please do share your experiences and valuable insights.

If you have reached till here, Thank You So Much 😊

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